Internet Explorer 8 Funeral

As the classic American Baseball states: “…It’s One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out…” for Internet Explorer 8, and yet Microsoft has never officially “killed off” Internet Explorer 7. This time though, it is the search-engine giant Google leading the initiative.

WebKit will soon surpass Trident/MSHTML market share

This is the moment that has been anticipated for some time: using statistics from, market share values were combined for Chrome and Safari, the two major browsers that use the WebKit browser engine and matched against those of the Trident/MSHTML, the browser engine used inside of Internet Explorer. As the numbers show, WebKit rules […]

WebKit Will Rule the World (Wide Web)

A look was taken at the last few months of web browser market share data for 2011. Web browser market share is defined as the percentage that each browser has of all of the total traffic viewing web pages. One may plainly see that Chrome is set to surpass Firefox very soon. Firefox and Internet […]