Microsoft Bing Translator and Google Translate Compared

To compare the differences in quality between Microsoft’s Bing Translator and Google Translate, eight phrases were taken unaltered from Italian tourism websites and each one was automatically translated using both tools. The original phrase is shown first (in the Italian language) along with each translation into English. Original phrase: La città ha anche un bellissimo […]

Google Translate: Targeting English

Previously, we wrote that certain phrases in the Italian language, such as “Sta piovendo a catinelle” gets correctly translated from Italian into English as “It was raining cats and dogs”. Also, “tocca ferro” gets correctly translated into “knock on wood”. This could be due to the fact that more Italian is being translated into English […]

Using Google Translate Effectively

Using Google Translate for automatic document translation is good, as long as two rules are followed: Google translate is all about the context. The phrase “I would like a crib” gets translated into Italian as “Vorrei un presepe”, yet “I would like a crib for the baby” gets translated as “Vorrei una culla per il […]