Google Docs vs Google Drive

Google presented their new “Drive” cloud storage product that replaces their old Google “Docs” cloud storage product.
Is the only difference between the old and new product a few letters in the name? It is thought that Google Docs storage prices are the best in the market, since,, and others cost more. Usually prices for storage decrease as time goes on, since the cost of hardware and connectivity decreases.
The pricing for “Drive” storage is actually higher than the same amount of space in “Docs”. Google lists their “Drive” storage prices as monthly, and finding a comparison chart is not easy–is this new pricing scheme a way to look cheaper and be more competitive? The comparison information was obtainable nonetheless, and the chart below compares the two plans:

In this table the real prices are shown for both the old Docs storage and the new Drive storage are shown per year and the price per Gigabyte is calculated. The news is bad, unfortunately: Google Drive seems to cost more than double.

Customers who have the old plan will be able to maintain the old prices, so upgrading should be be pursued unless users can determine, possibly with a separate account, if the advantages outweigh the increased cost.

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