Chat-Based Customer Assistance Software–In The Italian Language Please

One of the leading cloud-based software applications, Zopim, is localized in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Why is that often, when software is available in a few languages, Italian is not among the languages? Is the Italian language worthy of being included in the list of seven languages?

Zopim’s Dashboard, which is the user interface, is not available in Italian yet, although the widget is. In geek speak, a widget is a little program that gets inserted into a web page to allow for additional functionality. Interestingly, this means that while Italian-speaking users of a website are able to interact with the website staff, the owner is required to use their product in English. In this case, the Zopim chat widget allows website owners to chat in real-time with their customers. If used with Google Chrome in translation mode, the Zopim dashboard could be a viable option, but Google Translate is not accurate with one word phrases, since the context of that word (used in a phrase, for example) is not present. Okay, so let’s hope that Zopim discovers the Italian market soon, otherwise in Italian users will be forced to remain with the usual approach that has been done for so many years: dealing with reading English and.

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