Laravel-based CMS’s

Many people have been asking for a list of Laravel-Based CMS’s (Content Management Systems).

Laravel, which is a PHP Framework that has been growing in popularity, is taking the PHP development community by storm.  4.1, the current version, was released a few months ago.

WordPress is still the reigning king of the CMS (content management system) for small businesses and bloggers, however it is not based upon a modern framework such as Laravel, and its code base is aging.

Here is a short list of a few Laravel CMS’s.  There are definitely more around and many are still in their early stages:

  • October CMS is currently in beta status from a duo split between Canada and Australia.
  • Pongo CMS is based on Laravel version 3.2 and developed by an Italian programmer.  Version 2, currently under development will be based on Laravel version 4.
  • PyroCMS, which was previously based on CodeIgniter, will be released as version 3 based on Laravel 4.
  • Indira CMS comes from Russsian Veliov Group.
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  1. Hi all,

    Laravel based new cms called Doptor CMS.

    Doptor is an Integrated and well-designed Content Management System (CMS) provides an end user with the tools to build and maintain a sustainable web presence. For a serious company, having a maintainable website is extremely important and the effectiveness of such a site depends on the ease of use and power of the backend CMS. There are many available CMS out there but they are too generalized to fit the needs of many companies.

    Introducing the new CMS platform for businesses, which caters to their exact need without sacrificing the power and quality of a standard platform. Through this CMS, websites can be built that aims to serve as a learning and knowledge-sharing platform for the company and act as communication tool to disseminate information to the internal and external stakeholders. The website will be a tool for sharing public information and build rapport with the external stakeholders. It will be the main channel for the company to publish and share information on activities, lessons learnt from the project interventions, good practices and relevant research. In addition to having a CMS, a business needs other tools for regular operations as well. These other suites of applications run in the different departments of the company but together they ensure the moving forward of the company. In order to assist a company with all these needs, the CMS platform will include additional business modules, for example Invoicing, Bills, Accounting, Payroll, etc.

    This CMS compliable with IOS and android, other mobile devices and with all browser.

    – Doptor are provide a free opensource CMS.
    – Build your website and any kind of application using doptor.
    – Both online and offline.

    3 type of interface- 1). Backend, 2). Admin, 3). Public

    – Backend : You can manage full system.
    – Admin : Your officer / clark can do the operation such as accounting, payroll, inventory etc.
    – Public : Public website.

    Its may unbelievable. Its FREE! Accounting, Invoicing & Payroll system, online accounting FREE, Let’s try. Small or Medium business can be use it without any customize, for Large business we have customization team for fullfil their requirements.

    100% customize able online software. Secured, Online, faster & Backup system all can get at DOPTOR.


    29 Reasons To Be use doptor.

    Everybody has New Year’s resolutions. Twenty Ten is no different and with many people still anxious about what’s to come for the economy, now is the time more than ever to make changes that will make your company more efficient and profitable. This year resolve to do something that will put your people ahead of the curve. Take all those paper files, get them scanned and into your digital file cabinet, be use doptor. And in case you’re thinking of pushing such a task off another year, here are 29 reasons to get started now:

    Find information when you or someone else needs it (today, not tomorrow, and within seconds!)
    50% of all filed papers are duplicates or expired data
    No more paper cuts
    Take back your desk from the stacks of paper
    Because you care about the environment and reducing your carbon footprint
    No “To File” pile this year
    Meet government regulations and stay compliant
    No more scheduling time to file
    Panic free auditing
    Use your extra chair for visitors, not storage
    Streamline processes and share information instantly
    No more retrieving a file from a file cabinet that may or may not be organized
    No more digging and hunting for misplaced files (By the way, the average employee spends $5,000 worth of time annually searching for documents)
    No more cramming paper into already full file cabinets
    Save money on supplies and printing – Speaking of, how much do you actually spend on printing?
    Spend more time doing what you get paid to do (no, not updating your status on Facebook, that is not what we mean)
    Get rid of the bulky file cabinets and regain that valuable real estate
    Share documents digitally within your organization all within a secure system
    Reduce inner office mail
    Believe it or not, it’s easy!
    Secure your confidential information
    Disaster recovery – what would happen tomorrow if a natural disaster happened today?
    90% of all documents are merely shuffled
    Find documents in seconds by a keyword search
    Digital signatures
    Stress free moving
    Every 12 file cabinets require an additional employee to maintain them
    80% of papers filed are never referenced again
    Because it’s a new year, a new you and a new office!

    so start using paperless online software doptor (

    Why you should use Doptor CMS :

    1. Free & Opensource
    2. Dynamic
    3. User Friendly
    4. Drag & Drop
    5. MVC Structure
    6. Coding less
    7. Syncronize
    8. Fast
    9. Secured
    10. Responsive
    11. Working area online / offline
    12. Laravel based Doptor CMS
    13. Three types of interface (backend, admin, public).
    14. Advance level user permission
    15. Easily can create website and any kind of application.
    16. And many more ………….

    Andrew Hew

  2. Hi sir,
    Recently I have installed Doptor CMS, really it’s pretty good, anybody can try it. I think you need add this CMS in your list.

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