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There are hundreds of easy of ways to improve your website’s traffic, but each step takes a small amount of time. Be sure to always use the same URL (whether with or without the “www”) and make sure the the 301 redirect is set up.

  1. Wikipedia: When it comes to wikipedia, producing content, getting cited, and getting linked to your website is not that difficult if you focus on producing knowledge, not marketing material. Try to get inserted in the most honest and fairest way possible so that the community of editors will let your addition stay. Other sites create mirrors of Wikipedia, so the content will get spidered and copied.
  2. YouTube is also a great place to add videos and links to product or category pages on your website. If you don’t have a video, try making a simple slideshow of some products. Adding subtitles helps for the hearing impaired and also to fill up the video with context-rich keywords.
  3. This website may already have your website listed, so be sure to visit your, login, and modify and enhance the information that is already there, then request that the nofollow link is removed.
  4. Google Places: ( This is an often overlooked resource–your real or post-office box location should be listed with accurate information and a link to your website.
  5. CrunchBase: If you have a technology company, CrunchBase ( offers a free listing. Be sure to add your URL.
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