Google Translate: Targeting English

Previously, we wrote that certain phrases in the Italian language, such as “Sta piovendo a catinelle” gets correctly translated from Italian into English as “It was raining cats and dogs”. Also, “tocca ferro” gets correctly translated into “knock on wood”. This could be due to the fact that more Italian is being translated into English than is English into Italian.” Unfortunately at the time of writing, Google Translate appears to “know” more expressions in Italian than in English, due to the fact that Google Translate is crowdsourcing the algorithm.
This is just a small example of the difference in the demand for translation of documents from foreign languages into English, which is the de-facto language of the internet. “Un occhio della testa” gets correctly translated as “through the nose”. However, “an arm and a leg” gets translated as “un braccio e una gamba”, which is not correct.

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