DigitalOcean vs OVH

DigitalOcean is super hot and preferred among many as the five-dollar virtual private server.  OVH has recently made some strides in Europe to compete against DigitalOcean and is now present even in Italy.  Here is a comparison of the two base models:

Company DigitalOcean OVH
Price 3.72 euros * 2.43 euros
Hourly Billing? Yes No
space 20 GB 10 GB
disk type SSD HDD
cents per GB 18.5 24
RAM 512 MB 1 GB
Data Centers 7 3
Bonnie read/write K per second 716 196

* based on the exchange rate on July 28th, 2014.

As we can see, OVH’s offer looks tempting, but there is more to the story. OVH’s offer costs more per gigabyte of disk space and uses a traditional hard disk instead of a modern solid-state disk which is generally faster since it has no moving parts. Also, the OVH’s read and write speed is only a fifth of DigitalOcean when tested with the Bonnie test tool. OVH’s three data centers are only located in France or Canada, whereas DigitalOcean’s seven data centers cover the globe: Singapore, Amsterdam, London, New York City, and San Francisco.

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  1. Hi chris,
    the new plan from OVH has now SSD so the plans are similar now – I honestly prefer more ram than more GB.
    Unfortunately what is interesting to me that is the CPU benchmarks are not clear for both providers
    What can you say about this?

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