Microsoft Bing Translator and Google Translate compared

Microsoft Bing Translator and Google Translate are continually improving their results. In September of 2011, the differences in quality between Microsoft’s Bing Translator and Google Translate were compared using eight test phrases taken unaltered from Italian tourism websites. Each phrase was automatically translated using both tools. The original phrase is shown first (in the Italian […]

improve website ranking

Everybody is always asking how they can improve their website, especially when it comes to showing up in Google’s organic, or free/non-PPC traffic results.
Irventu has created a short list of obvious first steps to take.

Facebook: a Content Management System

By: Christopher Pecoraro Facebook: We should avoid a debate as to whether or not Facebook has yet to reach its peak, has peaked, or whether or not it has already begun its decline due to the recent push from Google+ (Plus) to slowly destroy it. Also, a debate will be avoided as to whether or […]

WebKit Will Rule the World (Wide Web)

A look was taken at the last few months of web browser market share data for 2011. Web browser market share is defined as the percentage that each browser has of all of the total traffic viewing web pages. One may plainly see that Chrome is set to surpass Firefox very soon. Firefox and Internet […]

Accuracy of City and Country information in a Geolocalization Database

Many times, in developing websites or web-based applications, we can easily determine the approximate location of the user, and then provide either a version in the local language, or at least determine if the default language, English for example, should be used. But just how accurate is the information available in determining the city and/or […]