The future of localization? No locale

A while ago, I wrote an article for LinkedIn titled I am an edge case, which addressed issues that people like me, an expat, face daily on the web. The future of localization should be no locale. The more that people continue to migrate, the less significant locale should become. Given that: I live in […]

What I learned from shopping for a new laptop

I am by NO MEANS a hardware guy. I’ve even used some pretty simple netbooks and netvertibles in the recent years, but now I finally decided to buy a laptop that I could use for software development, keep for a while, and even upgrade if I wanted to. I ended up purchasing a Lenovo T540P […]

DigitalOcean vs OVH

DigitalOcean is super hot and preferred among many as the five-dollar virtual private server.  OVH has recently made some strides in Europe to compete against DigitalOcean and is now present even in Italy.  Here is a comparison of the two base models: Company DigitalOcean OVH Price 3.72 euros * 2.43 euros Hourly Billing? Yes No space […]

Adobe Brackets is a Great Editor for Web Development

Adobe Brackets is one of a few web development editors that in the last year or so that gives the leading web development editor Sublime Text a run for its money. Adobe sponsors the development of Adobe Brackets which actually doubles as Edge Code, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. While Sublime Text is closed […]

Learning Laravel 4 Application Development

I just finished reading “Learning Laravel 4 Application Development”, written by Hardik Dangar. The book is over 200 pages in length, and covers the development of an application, starting from the installation of Laravel on Mac, Windows, and Linux (Ubuntu) and finishing with the actual deployment of the application using FTP, Git, or SSH. Some […]